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The Operating Principle of High-Power Diesel Engine

Jul 7, 2021 | News & Events | 0 comments

High power belongs to the category of high power diesel engine in internal combustion engine. It uses diesel oil as fuel. It mainly releases fuel combustion heat energy into electrical energy or mechanical energy equipment. This article will introduce the operation principle of high power diesel engine in detail.

We can usually see this type of diesel engine, according to the work cycle are four-stroke and two-stroke diesel engine, according to the main combustion chamber has direct injection type, swirl chamber type and precombustion chamber type diesel engine, according to the cooling ways mainly include water-cooled and air-cooled diesel engine, according to the number of cylinders are mainly single cylinder and multi-cylinder diesel engines, according to the main application range are Marine diesel engine, locomotive diesel engine, automotive, power generation, agricultural diesel engine and diesel engine engineering machinery machine etc.

When high-power diesel engine at run time, air is inhaled inside the cylinder diesel engine, due to the movement of the piston is a high degree of compression, the high temperature of 500-700 degrees Celsius. Then put the fuel to mist spray into the high temperature air inside, and high temperature air mixture, mixed automatic burning, burning the energy released when role on the piston top surface, forces the pistons and connecting rod and crankshaft into rotating mechanical work, it is The Operating Principle of High-power Diesel Engine.


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