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DCEC Generator Drive Engine

DCEC Cummins’s reliable and durable G-Drive diesel engine providing global G-OEMs with a cost-effective and fully integrated G-Drive product.
DCEC generator drive engines covering displacement from 3.9 to 13 liters, with power range from 22kW to 500kW.
To avoid mismatching problems and guarantee the outstanding performance of DCEC G-drive engines, all of DCEC G-drives engines are comes with complete power pack, which provide the engine, radiator and air filter as Coolpac for customer. Each parts of Coolpac have been designed and validated according to the CUMMINS standard. Ensure the customers can easy and quick to design and produce Gen-set with capable and reliable Coolpac components.
Integrated designed cooling radiator system greatly reduced the complexity of installation. The optimized cover of rotation unit at front of engine can prevent accidental injury effectively. Our product had passed strict vibration, thermal cycling and corrosion test, Dongfeng Cummins-DCEC G-drive engines can be used in all kinds of harsh environment like tropical, frigid zone, high altitude and high corrosion area.
Multiple configuration can be provided to fit different performance level of Gen-set. The mechanical governor advantage is safety, stability and low-cost, it can meet G1 level; The electronic governor and ECM advantage provide accurate speed control, it can meet G2 & G3 and even higher requirement.

Advantages of G-Drive Engine

Dongfeng Cummins-DCEC optimized the installation air filter system according to the engine structure, which reduced the outline dimension of Coolpac. Two filter to make sure that the filtration efficiency can reach 99.5%, it can avoid abnormal abrasion of the engine. Also we can provide the special type air filter system which can fit extreme applications, such as high altitude, dust or humidity.
Whether you need standby or emergency, continuous or prime power, you can rest assured there’s a DCEC Cummins G-Drive product to fit your application.

Find G-drive Engines by Series

This is the list of all series of DCEC Cummins G-drive engines.
Click here to find G-drive engines by type (Fuel System & Engine Speed).

4BT3.9 | 32-129 HP

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