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PumpMac Power Pack

PumpMac pump power pack consists of the pump motor, water tank, air filter, intake shut-off valve, flame arrester and muffler.
Since 2011, PumpMac has provided our global partners with integrated pump drive power pack solutions, and our products have been continuously exported to the United States, Australia, France, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia and some other countries and regions.
PumpMac pump power packs provide customers with a comprehensive solution for reliability and economy

Advantages of Power Pack

1. Easy maintenance, good power, good economy, high reliability and long life
2. The lift, flow and power of the pump set can be changed flexibly and are not limited by external factors (such as power frequency, motor speed)
3. PumpMa can be designed and configured according to user requirements to meet the needs of various workplaces
4. Strong and efficient – Compared with the same brand power pack, the torque reserve coefficient and power are higher, which can meet complex working conditions.
5. Better environmental adaptability – After extensive testing in harsh environments such as plateau, high temperature, high humidity, and low temperature, it can adapt to extreme working conditions

Find Power Pack by Series

This is the list of all series of PumpMac power pack.
Click here to find industrial engines by type.


Water Tank

Air Filter

Air Intake Shutoff Valve

Control System

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