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Company Introduction: BFCEC-Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Company

Mar 15, 2022 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Founded in 2008, Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading power solutions provider., with a total investment of more than 4.9 billion yuan, and an annual production capacity of 520,000 units. The products include Cummins F series 2.8L and 3.8L light, F series 4.5L medium and X series X11, X12, X13, X11 engineering version And the X12N natural gas version of the heavy-duty engine.

Foton Cummins is the world’s most advanced diesel engine production base. The factory has an engine manufacturing system designed in accordance with the world’s leading technical standards and quality control standards. Workshop production lines include block and head machining lines, assembly lines, test lines, painting lines and attachment lines. The equipment has a high degree of automation, and the preventive error-proofing technology is widely used. Plant operations strictly follow the Cummins Operating System (COS). Foton Cummins has passed TS16949 /OHSAS18001 /ISO14000 /ISO50001 certification.

The F series in-line four-cylinder high-pressure direct-injection diesel engine is a fully electronically controlled light-duty diesel engine that Cummins has invested heavily in the research and development of the future, with a power range of 46-210 horsepower. The F-series engines are characterized by compact structure, light weight, low noise and low emissions, and can meet Euro IV (National IV), Euro V (National V) and Euro VI emissions and the highest global non-road Stage IV standards. It is suitable for light (medium) trucks, VANs, light buses, pickups, MPVs, SUVs and other light vehicles, as well as off-highway equipment such as small construction machinery and small generator sets.

Rooted in Cummins’ nearly 100-year innovation experience, the F-series fully electronically controlled light-duty diesel engine has the inherent advantages of Cummins’ basic platform, and is jointly built by Cummins’ US R&D headquarters, European R&D center and Cummins China Technology Center’s advanced R&D forces. The Cummins ISF 3.8-liter electronically controlled engine has a power of nearly 170 horsepower and a maximum torque of 600 N.m. It is an engine with strong power, light weight and small size in the same class. Cummins F-series engines have successfully passed the 1.6 million-kilometer durability test and the “three-high” limit test, with excellent reliability and durability.

Cummins ISF 4.5-liter engine, based on Cummins’ globally popular B-series platform, has spanned more than 20 years and has more than 5 million units worldwide. It is Cummins’ mature and successful diesel engine product series. The ISF4.5 has a maximum power of 210 horsepower, a maximum torque of 760 Nm, and a large torque at low speed, which is higher than competitors in the full speed range. Combining the advanced R&D resources of Cummins in the United States, the United Kingdom and China, the ISF4.5 Euro VI products have been successfully equipped with the British Pekka Duff light truck, which has an excellent market and user reputation. Facing the world and focusing on the future, ISF4.5 is an epoch-making product that surpasses the traditional four-cylinder engine in terms of power, reliability, and high efficiency and is comparable to the low-horsepower six-bar engine.

The X series inline six-cylinder UHP direct injection engine is Cummins’ global heavy-duty engine platform, with a power range of 280 – 560 horsepower and a peak torque of 2600 Nm. It adopts Cummins XPI ultra-high-pressure fuel injection technology, and MFS’s new one-piece engine plus high-efficiency turbo booster. Compressor, high-horsepower one-piece steel piston, energy saving, reliable and durable; Cummins forward-looking ADEPT intelligent assisted driving technology, Connected Diagnostics remote service technology intelligent technology, more intelligent, can meet Euro V (National V) emission, Euro VI emission and Global Off-Road Phase IV.

The application of X series products covers tractors, trucks, dump trucks and special vehicles. X11, X12, X13, X11 engineering versions and X12N natural gas versions fully meet the needs of cold chain transportation, hazardous chemicals transportation, express delivery and other efficient logistics and heavy industry. Product transportation, urban muck transportation, mining transportation, heavy-duty transportation, mixer trucks and other engineering transportation industries.

Cummins X series power is the exclusive power for American super trucks. With its excellent intelligent technology and high fuel efficiency, it has become the main power for high-end heavy trucks such as Paka, Navistar and Volvo, and has been recognized by global users. In March 2017, the X12 landed on the Chinese market and was the first to be assembled on the high-end models of Auman EST and EST-A. It can meet the emission standards of China V and Euro VI, and will lead the development of efficient logistics in China.

Manufacturing Excellence

In 1968, Cummins’ first large-scale technology R&D center was established in Columbus, Indiana, U.S. A number of developers and a strong global R&D network provide Cummins with strong support for the development of new products and new technologies.
Cummins technology research and development business has achieved excellence in the field of engines, power generation systems, and filtration systems. Foton Cummins has also inherited the century-old technology essence of Cummins in the field of research and development, and has been authorized patents. The quality of employees is at the leading level in the industry, and technical R&D and management personnel with undergraduate, postgraduate and above degrees account for more than 95%.

Efficient and Modern Digital Factory

Based on the Cummins management concept, Foton Cummins’ efficient and modern digital factory provides customers with world-leading power products with four major systems: leading manufacturing execution system, leading hardware facilities, leading supply chain system and leading quality control system.
Efficient and modern factory based on COS concept.
•  JIT production system based on customer demand pull.
•  Ubiquitous production line error-proofing and IE design (material lamp error-proofing, photoelectric error-proofing, sequence error-proofing, etc.)
•  Efficient production cycle time: 77 seconds to produce one engine (ie almost one engine per minute)
Digital factory under the control of leading NGMES.
•  MES automatically tracks the production process and automatically updates the production progress in real time.
•  MES system automatically records all engine manufacturing information, and all process data can be 100% recorded and traced.

Quality Control

Leading Manufacturing Execution System
The customer-oriented Cummins management concept and Cummins’ leading NG-MES manufacturing execution system provide users with world-leading power products.
•  Cummins’ leading NG-MES manufacturing execution system for real-time assembly error proofing and automatic recording of production data.
•   Advanced machining and assembly technology.
•   Key assembly processes are completed by manipulators or robots.
•   Advanced AVL test bench with kinetic energy recovery module.
•   Fully enclosed air-conditioning and micro-positive pressure design in the workshop ensure product processing and assembly accuracy.

Leading hardware facilities
Foton Cummins has well-known suppliers, and the performance and quality of parts are guaranteed.

  • American MAG machining center.
  • Swiss ABB Robotics.
  • Swedish Atlas tightening equipment.
  • German Zeiss CMM.
  • Austrian AVL LIST containerized advanced test bench.

Leading supply chain system
Cummins is a global engine company that can independently develop the five key systems of diesel engines, namely intake air treatment system, filtration and aftertreatment system, fuel system, electronic control system and optimal design of in-cylinder combustion. Provide a full range of “one-stop” emission solutions.

Leading Quality Control System
The Foton Cummins manufacturing quality system strictly follows the Cummins global quality standards, adopts the world’s leading design and manufacturing technology, implements Six Sigma product quality improvement, and is committed to providing global customers with high-quality power products.
•  Passed TS16949/ISO14000/OHSAS18001 certification.
•  Passed Cummins Quality Control System Certification.
•  Excellent testing and inspection technology to ensure engine quality.
•  On-line automatic inspection equipment verifies key/key characteristics of all engine assemblies.
•  Preventive error proofing technology from product design to manufacturing technology.
•  Implement product quality improvement using Six Sigma.

Global Partners

Since the ISF series engine was put on the market in 2009, with its world-class quality and performance, as well as the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, it has become the preferred light-duty diesel engine supporting product of many well-known OEMs at home and abroad. International markets such as South Korea, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia, among which OEMs such as Russia’s GAZ Company, Brazil’s Volkswagen-MAN, Brazil’s Mercedes-Benz and Ford, South Korea’s Daewoo Bus, and British PACCAR have launched light trucks, medium-sized trucks, Flagship products such as light passenger. For off-road applications, the main engine factories of forklifts including Heli and Hangcha have been mass-equipped with QSF engines, ranging from Euro IV to Euro VI emissions, from highway to off-highway applications, different products meet the broad needs of different markets, and have received The main engine factory and the majority of users alike.

Cummins’ first X-series engine was mass-produced off the assembly line in 1998. At the beginning of its birth, it had the genes of heavy-duty trucks that travel around the world. It can meet the world’s most stringent emission and energy consumption regulations. It is widely used in a wide range of applications, from North America to South America, from Europe to Africa, from Asia to Oceania, was the No. 1 driving force in the North American heavy truck market from 2007 to 2016. Cummins has been striving to make the engine intelligent, constantly strengthening the intelligent upgrade of the human-computer interaction of the X series engine, developing remote information technology, providing real-time reminders for engine failures, solving problems for customers in a forward-looking way, and improving customer work efficiency; at the same time, based on mobile Internet technology, carry out dynamic torque management and intelligent adjustment management, realize intelligent management of the overall power chain, and maximize efficiency for users. The main global customers of X platform include Paccar, Navistar, Volvo, Foton Auman heavy truck, etc.

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